Clarification Regarding the Student Stores RFP Process

October 15, 2015

Bradley Ives, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises, writes to clarify several points in the Daily Tar Heel article, Faculty Executive Committee Discusses Student Stores’ Fate, published on Oct. 12:


The article states that in Monday’s faculty executive committee meeting Vice Chancellor Fajack and I both mentioned several ways that Follett could increase the UNC Student Stores’ profit that goes toward scholarships. I want to reiterate that we have made no decision about whether to outsource, much less have we focused on one potential firm. We are conducting a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, in which any party – including the existing staff of Student Stores – may submit a proposal. Accordingly, we are conscious of referencing specific firms and instead only speak in general terms about potential bidders.

Of most concern is the statement attributed to me, “Ives said cuts in personnel are likely if the store is privatized, but it would help to reduce costs.” In my recollection, that is not a complete representation of what I said. When asked how an outside firm could make more money, I responded that they could, among other things, save costs by providing certain services – such as marketing, human resources and accounting – centrally. The article did not include my follow-up statement, which was that our staff currently providing those services will be retained in the new service delivery center we are creating in the Division of Finance and Administration.

As we work through this process, treating our employees fairly is one of our main concerns, along with increasing funds to support need-based scholarships and continuing to provide a high-level of service to campus.